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What’s Happening in the Media Center?
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Weekly Wolf

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Did You Know...

There are hundreds of ebooks and audiobooks (give your eyes a break!) available RIGHT NOW in our Sora app?  Click on this link or on the image below and log in with the setupcode montgomerymd (for first-time users) and your MCPS login.

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Available ebooks & audiobks

The Makerspace always has on-going projects available for students who come to the media center during lunch or TAP.  Check the board on the right side of the Makerspace to see the choices for any given day

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Students can choose from a number of designs or make their own!  Projects can be worked on during TAP or at lunch when the media center is open.

Spring Project!

Fuse Beads

Choice Board
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What is Open Library?

Open Library sessions are an opportunity for students to spend time in the library after school.  

At Open Library you can:

  • Look for books

  • Read

  • Play board and card games

  • Do homework

  • Do a Makerspace Project 

Upcoming Open Library Dates
Each Open Library  is after school until 4:15.  Students can walk home, get a ride home or catch one of the activity buses.
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